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Abstract expressionist painter since 2012 working with a variety of medium including oil on canvas, gouache / acrylic on paper and board. Drawings, sketchbooks a foundation for ideas often used for larger paintings. Working also with digital composites, photo. video art and multi-media projection for live performance. With music : improvisational recordings, post produced utilising effects and collage techniques. 

Modern art library (collecting since 2012)

Creative Reactions, Cambridge, 2019.

New artist fair, Brick lane,  London,  September 2019. 

Art Out, Peterborough, 2019. 

Working with Joe Mason (drums) Katie Black (saxophones)

Return to Blue Barn, Ely (2016 sessions)

Collaborations with Chantal Leger (Menen, Belgium)

Artwork design for front cover of published work The Transistor

Exhibited at Pint of Science / Creative Reactions 2016

(Finding earth like planets) Dr Amaury Triaud 

Exhibited at Pint of Science / Creative Reactions 2015

(Dark matter, dark energy) Prof Carolyn Crawford

Cathedral series of photo collage gallery cards

Paintings: Myth : Fabric : Thought  & Spirit of the Age feature on 2013 work 

Le Sacre Du Travail by progressive group The Tangent.  

Collaborations with Chris Haines (guitar) 

Exhibited Peterborough Abstract expressionist works. 

Exhibited at 'Art at the Manor House', Cambridgeshire.

Exhibited at the Cambridge Creative Network Exhibition,

‘Narrative' exhibition at the Williams Gallery, Cambridge

Exhibited - four month residency, solo exhibition Andronicas, Peterborough.

Sessions at Huntingdon, Marina Heights, Castle Acre

Six week secondment at St Neots Museum (exhibition prep and display. 

‘Textures in sound’ Electric Waves - Multi-media live show Wisbech, Cambs, music, improvisation, video projection, masks & lights. (With Jane de Silva : flute / saxophone)

Exhibited - solo art show "The restless march of Energy : Expressionism",

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Abstract expressionist painting begins, 2011

'Quantumology' project with vocalist Julie - Ann

Blue barn sessions, Ely

Working with MOTU Digital Performer.

Vocal effects, sessions & experiments

Poems of dislocation, alienation, romanticism.

Romantic fiction stories, self published as 'Breathe to the limit of the Trance'

Introduced to David Jackson, ex 'Van der Graaf Generator'

Music inspired by Kandersteg tunnel, Switzerland to Italy

Working with Alesis MMT-8 / early digital sound modules.

Collaborations, Chris Corry (keyboards, saxophone)

Reel to reel tape experiments, effects, mixes.

Album of music Inspired by Bardsey Island, North Wales.

Photography, collage, abstract themes & development.

Introduced to Alan Davie, Bernard Sindell.

Industry and finance, own business.

(Eli Goldratt / Just in Time constraint management techniques

for manufacturing industry)

BSc (Hons) Nottingham University

Early background :  70's Progressive rock. The German Experimental scene.

Piano, drums, percussion.

Born London, England, currently lives in Cambridgeshire.



1982 - 2009 Career in industry : Computer consultancy : Engineering training : ‘Just - in - Time’ Manufacturing : Financial services direct sales : Pension scheme management. 

1972 / 77 - Apprenticeship (Hawker Siddeley Dynamics) Hatfield, followed by six months secondment to each dept building skills. 1973 - Award : 2 weeks on Winston Churchill sail training schooner.

1976 / 77 - HNC (engineering) with distinctions (Letchworth)

1976 / 78 - Space, satellite development (Stevenage) 

‘Ariane’ space vehicle autopilot : breadboard design and environmental testing.

1978 / 81 - Nottingham University : Hons. degree (Electrical / Electronic engineering) 

1981 / 86 - WP computer systems house (Senior Consultant) Manned company stand at Los Angeles (Expo exhibition) 

1986 / 91 - Engineering Training Board (Senior Training Advisor) Industry standard qualifications achieved. 

Chosen for the Eli Goldratt Just - in - Time EITB initiative 

- 6 week course based on the the ‘Goldratt’ philosophy to minimise constraints within the manufacturing process. - Just In time constraint management techniques for manufacturing industry.

- Undertook consultancy work using the Goldratt techniques in small business and local industry throughout Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. 

1991 / 98 - Legal & General (Senior Consultant) Exam based FPC 1,2,3 industry standard qualifications.

Sold and managed the R Griggs group GPPP (2nd largest in L & G history) Over 1000 employees advised and signed into the scheme. 

2003 / 09 - The Thinc Group, Cambridge, London (Independent consultancy) 

1985 / 2009 - Married to Goldsmiths / Manchester Univ. trained artist (textiles, fine art painting)  . . solid foundation in the arts for over 25 years

- Loft gallery - Ware, Hertfordshire : Juliet Pilkington (collector of modern art) - Introduction and meet with Alan Davie at his Hertfordshire studio.

- Introduction and meet with sculptor Bernard Sindell (purchased ’Tasha’) 

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